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Go Green - Environmental Friendly!Environmental stewardship is a very important corporate principle which guides Dura Cleaning’s operations.  We use eco-friendly cleaning products which are biodegradable and eliminate the harsh vapours released into our air and the harmful residues washed out in our waters.  Our microfiber cloths ensure an excellent cleaning process while eliminating the need for paper towels and other disposable cleaning supplies which require many resources to produce and end up in our landfills.  From using bulk cleaning supplies and reusable spray bottles thereby minimizing the disposal of packaging, to optimizing our driving routes when scheduling appointments thus decreasing car emissions, Dura Cleaning takes every step to ensure the reduction of our carbon footprint and the conservation of our beautiful surroundings for future generations.

The benefits of using eco-friendly products extend to the health of our clients and employees.  The use of chemical-based cleaners leaves harmful residues which remain on surfaces even after proper rinsing. These residues are ingested when coming into contact with foods and have been linked to allergies and other health conditions. The alkaline property of most chemical-based cleaners also attracts more dirt, dust and other allergens after the cleaning process is complete, defeating the purpose of the process.  Regular maintenance cleaning of a living or work space with the use of eco-friendly products will maintain the space clean for a longer period of time and also ensures the longevity of assets by reducing their exposure to harmful chemicals and harsh cleaning methods.

Our indoor air in general contains more pollutants than outdoor air and the use of chemicals only compounds this problem.  A green cleaning process ensures that the healthy lifestyle of our clients is augmented by the products used when servicing their homes or work spaces.

A clean work environment has also been demonstrated to decrease employee absenteeism and increase their satisfaction and productivity.  As such, corporate clients will not only protect their assets but also their human capital when employing Dura Cleaning’s green cleaning practices.

For more information on the harmful effects of chemical-based cleaning agents please visit our articles page.


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